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In the e-shop of Kingaprofi you can find a wide range of Ögon Design wallets, Zippo lighters 

and accessories, as well as Victorinox and Dasco products.


DASCO footware care

ZIPPO lighters and accessories

Ögon card holders

Victorinox pocket knives

Labels and stickers


Our team of shoe professionals is ready to assist you with shoe repair works, shoe care and key making,
labels and stickers as well as stamps and engraving.

Shoe repairs and footwear care

Repair and care of different types of footwear


Making keys according to the customer’s request

Manufacture of labels and stickers

Labels and stickers for indoor and outdoor use

Engraving and stamping

Making of stamps, seals and engraving

Most popular products

Delivery all over Estonia

We will deliver the goods to the place that is convenient for you, anywhere in Estonia.


Only high quality and expert-approved products.

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