Shoe repair and care works

  • Replacement of heeltaps and soles
  • Gluing, sewing
  • Lock change and shoe stretching
  • Footwear care works and cleaning

We will carry out the simplest and quickest repairs on a stand-by basis if possible, and we can also help with smaller bag repairs. You’ll also find a range of footear care products to help your footwear fight ageing. 

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Making keys

We have the professional equipment and a wide range of keys available on site.

  • Standard and security lock keys
  • Car keys
  • Remote control cases
  • Contacless intercom key fobs (so-called tablets)

NB! We make car keys with Immobilizer only at the Rocca al Mare center in Tallinn and at the Tartu Kaubamaja service point.

Stickers and signs

We carry out a variety of stickers and signs related work. Available for both indoor and outdoor use and in different sizes and backgrounds. Samples of signs and stickers are available at all our points of sale.

  • Advertising and car stickers
  • Street signs
  • Warning, prohibition and information signs,
  • Street and house number plates,
  • Door signs, Directional signs
  • Driver and pram name tags, etc.
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Maximum engraving surface: 80mm x 120mm
Minimum engraving surface: 6mm x 20mm

Possibility of engraving only on flat metal surfaces! 
Engraving is available in Rocca al Mare Centre, Ülemiste Centre and Kristiine Centre.

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Other services

  • Dry Cleaning Reception (only in Tartu Kaubamaja and Keila Rõõmu Kaubamaja)
  • Knife sharpening (Rocca al Mare Centre and Keila Rõõmu Kaubamaja)
  • Installation of eyeglass screws
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